Rainbow Plate


Make healthy eating and a diet rich in fruit and vegetables fun, engaging and magical for children by putting a rainbow on their plate! Enjoy this adventure in healthy eating with Rainbow Plate!

Author: Doctor Preeya Alexander

Illustrated by: Annabel Cutler

Rainbow Plate is a book designed to engage young children in discussion around healthy eating habits. As a GP, Preeya is constantly discussing diet with parents of children and she often uses colour charts and the ideas of a rainbow plate and rainbow tummy to encourage her younger patients to include more fruit and vegetables into their diet.

About the Author

Dr Preeya Alexander is a medical doctor working as a GP in Melbourne with a passion for all things’ prevention’ in medicine. She also works as a medical educator at Eastern Victoria GP Training where she assists in the education of training GPs. Preeya is a regular commentator on lifestyle publications, Mamma Mia and The Grace Tales, and is often called in as an expert for Channel 7’s morning program, Sunrise.

About the Illustrator

Annabel is a professional children’s illustrator and emerging artist based in Sydney. She has a passion for wildlife painting which stems from having spent much of her childhood on a cattle property in rural NSW where her interest in painting and drawing also flourished. She uses watercolour, gouache and acrylic paints to enrich her subject matter with life, energy and character. Annabel’s fine art can be found in galleries throughout NSW.


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