Dried Mango

This is literally just dried fruit and the sugar content is only the natural sugar in the fruit (if you buy the right brands). Miss S loves it- it’s a clean snack so she can eat it on the go without causing a mess. Perfect for on-the-go snacking.


Cucumber slices

I peel the skin off and give this to Miss S in her snack box. Cucumber is wonderful – high in fibre, low in sugar. Another great clean hand-held snack. And FYI I peel it because Miss S won’t eat it with the peel on – if your toddler will eat it with the skin on go for it!


Cheese sticks

I buy the Beqa stringers and Miss S will munch through these when we are out and about. She doesn’t drink much milk currently so her dairy intake comes from cheese and yoghurt. A cheese snack is an easy way to get dairy into a toddler


Yoghurt pouch

The greatest treat for Miss S – high in calcium and you can buy brands with a low sugar content (aiming for less than 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams). You can also freeze them so they can be a great snack on a hot day! When I freeze them I simply cut open the packet and give Miss S a yoghurt block to play with outside – fun, messy and healthy!


Sultanas – Dried/ Peeled

I often put this in Miss S’ snack box so she can eat it on the go. I buy the sultanas with fruit peel combined in it. A great source of fibre and again, if you buy the right brand and read the labels you can get products with no added sugar.


Frozen Peas and Corn

You might think this is strange but try it! Fun for kids, not overly messy and seriously good for them! A fun way to get some extra veg in.


Frozen Berries

A hit in our house. Miss S loves frozen blackberries and blueberries. Again – no added sugar (other than what is in the fruit) and high in fibre. Warning – can be messy!!


Fruit and Veg Chopped Up

Simple I know but lots of my patients don’t think about this when their kids want a snack. Chop up celery, carrots and let kids dip it in hommus. Cut up apple, pears, banana are also wonderful snacks. It doesn’t have to be a muesli bar or biscuits all the time!


Banana Chips

Lots of banana chips have added honey or maple syrup but there are several brands that have lower sugar contents than others so you need to read the label and pick the right ones. These are a good clean snack on the go for kids and Miss S will now request these; a real hit!


Cherry Tomatoes + Grapes + Blueberries Snack Box Combo

I often do this for Miss S in her snack box. I always chop up grapes and cherry tomatoes in half or quarters (please always cut these before giving them to kids under 3 as they are a choke risk and children have died from consuming these whole). I often put this combination in her snack box and she loves it!


Kale Chips

Honestly, I love these and now Miss S does too! When I make spicy ones for the adults I also make some for Miss S. I coat hers in some lemon juice and garlic powder. She loves the crunchy snack (they can get messy because they crumble!) and it’s a great way to get veggies in!


Broad Beans

My mum always used these as a snack when I was little and now I do the same with Miss S. I buy frozen broad beans, blanch them in hot water and once they are cool they are an easy vegetable snack! A great way to increase vegetable content in your toddler’s diet (and your own because trust me they are very more-ish).

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