1. Anything you normally take! Patient often forget this – migraine medication, anti-histamines, the contraceptive pill; if you take it at home, don’t forget to pack it. If you are travelling with medications such as sleeping tablets it can be worthwhile getting a medication letter from your GP lest you are questioned when crossing any borders.


  1. Simple pain relief – muscle strains, headaches, back aches can all occur when you’re travelling. Packing simple paracetamol and/or Ibuprofen is worthwhile.


  1. Simple wound care – band aids and dressings are very helpful particularly if you are having an active holiday hiking or surfing. When you’re travelling wounds can get infected; keeping them clean and covered is a good way to avoid infection.


  1. Particular prescribed medications depending on your destination. It’s always recommended you see your GP or travel doctor before you go on an overseas holiday to discuss vaccinations and specialised medications you may need like altitude sickness medication (if hiking for instance) or medications/antibiotics for diarrhoeal illnesses.


  1. Hand sanitiser – this is a good one for any medical kit. Good hand hygiene is what prevents a lot of respiratory and diarrhoeal illnesses when travelling. Clean your hands often and always before eating!
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