1. Smiling Mind – this is a meditation app that has been developed by psychologists and educators. It is free, easy to use and has a great mix of meditations for people at all stages. This is the app we use at home when we meditate.


  1. Calm – many of my patients tend to prefer Calm for meditation and find it easier to use. Most of the time I give my patients the options of Smiling Mind and Calm and let them see which one works for them.


  1. Relax melodies – this is also a free app that provides some great options for background noise from camp fire to thunderstorm to bird noises. I tend to suggest this for patients who have sleeping issues or escalating anxiety at night – the background noise can help calm things down so that the night time is not filled with darkness and silence.


  1. Worry Time – another free app that can work wonders for those with anxiety. This app can work really well for people who are constantly ruminating on a particular issue.


  1. Quit buddy – this is a free quit smoking app that has worked wonderfully for many of my patients! It is incredibly encouraging, engaging and gives you lots of drivers (financial and health related) to give up cigarettes!
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