1. The Mirena is in intra-uterine device (meaning it sits inside the uterus) used by many women for contraception or to control heavy menstrual bleeding. It is becoming increasingly popular. The copper intra-uterine device is also available (it also sits inside the uterus but does not secrete hormones); it tends to be used less frequently as problematic bleeding is a more common side effect.


  1. MYTH: The Mirena is only for women who have had children! Lots of younger women think this is the case- but in fact any women can consider a Mirena regardless of whether or not she has had children.


  1. The device works by sitting inside the uterus (it is inserted through the cervix) and secreting a hormone calledprogesterone. Because the device acts locally on the uterus (as opposed to the combined oral contraceptive pill or Implanonthat means hormone is in the entire blood stream) women can tend to get less side effects of nausea and breast tenderness for instance.


  1. Sex is not different with the Mirena in – this is a commonly asked question! Small blue strings do sit outside the cervix (so the device can be removed later) but they are not sharp and they end up sitting against the cervix so intercourse is not affected.


  1. The device can stay in for 5 years – IF however, you wanted to try and get pregnant before that time period (or you chose to have it out earlier than the 5-year mark) the device can be easily removed. The device is also safe for breastfeeding mothers, so many women choose this in the post-partum period for the contraception as they don’t have to remember taking a pill so it’s much easier!!
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