1. Migraines are common – 20% of the population will suffer from a migraine at some point.


  1. Typically, a migraine is a one-sided throbbing persistent headache that is associated with features such as nausea and/or vomiting and light and noise sensitivity. It is different to the more common tension headache that most people tend to experience.


  1. Some migraine sufferers experience an aura with their migraine – an aura is a disturbance that can often precede the headache of the migraine (some patients can get the aura without ever getting a migraine too). An aura can vary between patient to patient but can include flashing lights in the vision, blurred vision, blind spots or numbness somewhere on the body – the disturbance is temporary.


  1. For any women who has had a migraine with an aura the combined oral contraceptive pill (AKA “the pill”) is not recommended due to increased stroke risk.


  1. Treatment for migraine varies and can include various forms of pain relief (such as Aspirin) or other medications known as triptans. There are various options now for treating migraines however, the focus tends to be on prevention with avoidance of triggers (chocolate and cheese are common migraine food triggers!) and management of stress. For those who suffer from frequent severe migraines we also consider prophylactic medications.
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