I’ve never been able to go for a run. I’ve tried. But I don’t really get it. I find myself over analysing the process– “oh my goodness – how long could I possibly do this for?” “Why do my knees hurt already?” “What am I meant to be thinking about at this point to keep going, am I meant to think at all?”

My husband on the other hand loves a run –so do many of my friends. For years I wondered if I was the weird lady who didn’t like running, but it turns out I am not alone. Most of us have an aversion to some form of exercise; running or cycling or swimming might not be palatable to us; and that is OK but it does not mean that we can’t still be doing something active!

Years ago, I accepted that I did not like running – and that my decision was perfectly OK. I didn’t have to love it like everyone else around me. Put me on a Pilates reformer though and I can do hundreds with the best of them.

If you have sore joints or tight iliotibial bands (like me) try cycling, swimming or Pilates. If you don’t like gyms try cycling, walking or hiking. If you don’t like exercising alone because you can’t get motivated go for class fitness like a spin class or join an outdoor exercise group for their program. The truth is we can ALL find some sort of exercise that suits us and we just need to the adapt the exercise to our joints/lifestyle/preference.

Find something that works for you. I promise you there is SOME sort of exercise that fits for you!


Dr Alexander

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