The Australian guidelines recommend 30 minutes of moderate intensity most days for preventative health reasons, to reduce the risk of chronic diseases like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. For some this target seems unachievable and talking about 30-minute chunks of an already busy day can sound daunting.

So, let’s change the mindset.

Is 3 x 10-minute chunks of exercise more achievable? Is a walk to the train station, a lunch time walk and a walk back to the train station possible?

3 x 10-minute chunks of exercise or a 20-minute cycle and a 10- minute walk all counts the same as a 30- minute consistent period of exercise. The health benefits are the same.

If 30 minutes seems a daunting goal – break it down and split the exercise into smaller chunks. It works for lots of patients who find the 10- minute goals much less daunting.

As long as the exercise for the day adds up to a total of 30 minutes, you’re kicking goals – it doesn’t matter how you do it you’re still reducing chronic disease risk!

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