1. Research has shown that regular exercise can be extremely beneficial for mental health – just an hour a week can be preventative for depression. Exercise is an evidence-based form of treatment for both anxiety and depression and is regularly prescribed as such.


  1. Exercising in sunlight can also help sleep quality at night time – exposure to sunlight and exercise in natural light can help regulate circadian rhythms. When dealing with patients who have sleep issues a walk in sunlight is a common prescription!


  1. Exercise has lots of preventative health benefits. Regular physical activity (30 minutes most days) can reduce risk of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Regular physical activity can also reduce risk of bowel and breast cancer!


  1. Like any muscle the heart needs a work out – regular exercise reduces risk of heart disease and stroke.


  1. Regular exercise can help maintain a healthy weight – obesity and obesity related disease is on the rise. Regular exercise (and a good diet high in fruit and vegetables) is a key way to maintain a healthier weight.
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