Below are the common suggestions to patients who struggle to fit in exercise but may be housebound due to sleeping children in the house!


  1. Skipping

All you need is a skipping rope so it can be a very cheap at home exercise activity, plus you can do this on your own. Skipping is a great way to raise the heart rate. You can make a little circuit for yourself at home – combine skipping with squats, then push ups then repeat the cycle.


  1. YouTube videos

There are many free exercise videos on YouTube – find one that works for you! There are low, moderate and high intensity workouts and many that are very easy to do in a living room or bedroom floor!


  1. Boxing with a housemate/partner

If you have someone at home you can fit in a 30- minute boxing session. Gloves and pads can be fairly cheap from KMART or BIG W and boxing is a great way to spend time with someone at home without being sedentary!


  1. Mat Pilates

If you already know some exercises then this is very easy to do on a living room or bedroom floor! If you don’t know exercises but you are keen – have a hunt through YouTube to find a Pilates video that suits.


  1. Home exercise machines

Many patients admit to having a treadmill or elliptical trainer at home that never gets used. A great way to get exercise in is to place this in front of the TV and promise yourself that when you’re watching your favourite program you will be active for at least 30 minutes of the program (or do the exercise beforehand and the show is the treat afterwards!).


Dr Alexander

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