Our Mission

The Wholesome Doctor aims to improve health literacy and engage people in a not-boring (so let’s say fun) discussion about all sorts of health related topics (migraines, period pain, depression, painful sex, acne – nothing is off limits).

Our Mission

The aim is to share evidence-based health information (in bite sized digestible pieces) so that you make can make informed decisions about your own health and your family’s.

Our Contributors

There’s a whole lot of health misinformation out there, particularly on social media and it can be extremely dangerous (let’s be honest you’ve probably seen some wonky health related information on social media). We go to great lengths to ensure that the information we share is consistent with medical guidelines and supported by evidence (having said that, if you ever have a medical issue this website not a substitute and you must seek a review with your own doctor). If it is medical content we share, we use medically qualified professionals to provide the information. Dr Preeya Alexander, Melbourne based GP, regularly contributes to The Wholesome Doctor.

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