Why I Don’t Believe in Diets

Oh I’ve heard and seen them all.


The Atkins diet – no carbohydrates – EVER.


The Dukan Diet – high in protein; eat so much meat you nearly cark it from constipation.


The Raw Food Diet – if it’s cooked it’s deadly and could kill you.


If you come in for a consult and ask me my opinion on certain diets you will get the same response– “I just don’t believe in them”. And I can’t advocate for a diet if has no medical evidence supporting it.


I don’t believe in you making a huge investment of time, energy and money into a ‘program’ or structured eating plan because I know that 1. you can’t be on this diet forever (it’s not humanely possible) and 2. WHEN you come off the diet you will likely rebound and gain the weight again.


That’s the reason most of the weight loss companies make millions of dollars– they feed you these beautifully packaged meals for 6 or 12 weeks – you lose the weight, you feel great, then you stop – and boom, hello rebound weight. And then in 6 months you join again to kick start the weight loss and the same thing happens. Explains why the companies are rolling in money doesn’t it?


The problem – they don’t teach you the fundamental building blocks. They don’t explain WHY you will lose weight on their plan, how to manage portion sizes yourself and measure your intake. They don’t tell you the sneaky swaps they do – replacing white potato with sweet potato as it has a lower glycemic index and will keep you fuller for longer.


And these restriction diets where you don’t eat carbohydrates or protein or whatever else they choose is the devil – are not sustainable and like I keep saying everything is OK – in moderation.


So there you have it – I don’t believe in diets.


I believe in lifestyle change- in slow sustainable weight loss that comes through rigorous work over months. I believe in building exercise into your every day life – I don’t expect you to start with 4 hours of running per week. 30 minutes a week is just fine to start with and we can build it up from there. I have reasonable expectations I promise!


I believe in seriously reviewing your diet, your pantry, your fridge and food shopping habits and overhauling them so that fruit and vegetables are the crux and everything else is just filler. I believe in a lifestyle overhaul – not a temporary diet.


A 6 or 12 week change is not going to change your life. But a serious look at your life – your exercise patterns, how you shop, how you cook, what you cook and how much you eat – well hey, that’s sustainable and the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A lifetime is certainly better than 12 weeks – wouldn’t you agree?