The Grape Debate

After a hard day at work it’s too easy for me to reach out for a glass of wine.


On Wednesday to celebrate “hump day” the tendency is to celebrate the mid week achievement with a drink!


When you meet the ladies on a Friday night after work – of course we are having champagne!


A casual gathering of friends on a Sunday afternoon is usually going to involve a cider (or two!).


Most of us at some point will consider “cutting down” – so does this mean we are drinking too much?


My husband and I make a conscious effort now – after realizing we were having a glass of wine most nights with a meal – to have alcohol free days and drink only two days a week.


The National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia suggest no more than 2 standard drinks per day and actually you don’t need alcohol free days anymore (yay!). A standard drink is 100mL of wine – how often do you pour a glass that small at home? At our home never – our beautiful bucket glasses would look pathetic with 100mL of wine it in! A standard drink is 285mL of beer – but how often do you stop at 2?


The problems of drinking too much are endless – it contributes to high blood pressure, increases risk of stroke and heart attack and also your risk of certain cancers (such as bowel and breast cancer). The liver takes a major hit and so can the brain.


When I gently point out to patients that they might be drinking too much – the response is very often “well if it’s 2 drinks per day can I save them up and have them all on the weekend?” The answer is NO! If only it were that easy – if only you can bank your red wines all week and save them for Friday night! The rules are 2 standard drinks per day – no negotiation and no bartering (trust me I’ve tried)!


So have a think – is the glass of wine tonight worth it?