Can Exercise Adapt To You?

I’ve never been able to go for a run. I’ve tried. But I don’t really get it. I find myself over analyzing the process thinking – “oh my goodness – how long could I possibly do this for?” “Why do my knees hurt already?” “What am I meant to be thinking about at this point to keep going, am I meant to think at all?”


My husband on the other hand loves a run –so do most of my friends. I’ve always wondered – am I the weird lady who doesn’t like running? But judging from my patients’ experiences – I am not alone!


I’ve finally accepted that its OK I cant and don’t like running! I’ve stopped trying to put the square piece in the circle hole – it aint gonna fit!


Put me on a pilates reformer and I can do hundreds like the best of them. Put me on a bike in a spin class or my beloved red bike fondly named “Clancy” and I’m happy to cycle for hours.


I often find patients telling me they have trouble with exercise because their joints hurt when they run or that they don’t like gyms. I’ve negotiated with morbidly obese patients what exercise they can do – yes, you can go for a gentle stroll and if you feel confident to hop into bathers or a big t-shirt then hydrotherapy is fantastic for exercise and your joints. The truth is we can ALL find some sort of exercise that suits us and we just need to the adapt the exercise to our joints/lifestyle/preference.


If you have sore joints or tight iliotibilal bands (like ME!) try cycling, swimming or pilates. If you don’t like gyms try cycling, walking or hiking. If you don’t like exercising alone because you can’t get motivated go for class fitness like a spin class or join an outdoor exercise group for their program.


Find something that suits. Trust me, you don’t need to learn the hard way like me – with sore knees and a real bitterness towards running and my poor husband after he tried to make me give it a go!!


Find something that works for you. I promise you there is SOME sort of exercise that fits for you!