About The Wholesome Doctor

I’m a medical doctor working as GP in Australia. I am passionate about all things ‘prevention’ in medicine.

I’m human, I don’t have a 6-pack, I’m not a size zero, I do eat meat, I don’t go to the gym daily (I don’t really have the time!) and I do love wine… but, I am still healthy and endeavour to share my tips/experiences and medically evidence based thoughts with you.

This blog is merely my thoughts – I certainly don’t have all the answers.  I am not trying to give you medical advice but merely presenting you a medical opinion to start some discussion and encourage a general trend towards healthier living!

I plan to talk about it all – depression, diabetes, sexual health and much more – I hope you enjoy the highly haphazard (just like life) and exciting journey!


Please be aware I am trying to present evidence based medical information in a blog format. This is in no way medical advice and if you have an issue a visit to your doctor is still vital.